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November Launch Highlight: Grohe SmartControl |Grohe is about to launch perhaps the best, most minimalistic, most functional, most low-profile CalGreen-compliant custom shower system in the industry. Bold words? We're bold people. 

Here's how we can be so bold: A single valve (the SmartBox) with a single trim plate (the SmartControl) can operate up to three separate shower outlets. Oh, and with thermostatic temperature control. Oh, yeah – and with a little something called volume control. No way? Way.

Now for the CalGreen-compliant aspect of the SmartBox: the valve offers shared functions because not all states are like hippie California, but each trim is shipped with an optional flow restrictor that can be installed on the jobsite that limits the valve flow to 1.8 GPM. In other words, you can run as many of the shower outlets as you want, but the total flow will still only be 1.8 GPM (except the tub spout, of course). Boom! CalGreen-compliant, just like that.

Check out the trim styles (square and round!) and other features here.



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