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TOTO Winter Product Launch | And wow! A rather impressive product launch it is. TOTO just released a radical new toilet that takes both water savings and space savings to a whole new level: the one, the only, MH wall-hung bowl. Flushing an average of 1 gallon-per-flush (1.28/0.9 dual flush) and saving around 2-3 square feet of vaulable floor space, there's no reason to considering using any other toilet. (I might be a little biased.) In addition to the MH and the MH Connect+ (that's right!), the launch also includes the Promenade II (1G) in both one and two piece models and a stand for the Neorest remote control. Read all about these products in the links below.

> Winter Launch Product Bulletin
> MH & MH Connect+ Sell Sheet
> Promenade II (1G) Sell Sheet

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