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Choosing a Geberit Carrier

American Standard's new pressure balance valve platform, the Flash Valve, is kind of spectacular. Your plumber/installer customers in particular will love them. Let us count the reasons:

Choice of connections | Provides fast & easy installation without adaptors, reducing leak points.

That's seven reasons, for those counting along.

But if you have any of the old TRIMendous trims or valves in stock, you might wonder, "Are the old TRIMendous trims compatible with the new Flash Valves? Are the old TRIMendous valves compatible with the new Flash Trims?"

That's a fantastic question, you smarty pants you. The short answer is "Mostly yes." The long answer, "Yes, no, yes, and yes."

Oh, you want the helpful answer? Well, let's just take a look at this presentation right here. (Hint: Check out slide 5 for the short, useful answer.)

Tom S

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