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As you've probably noticed, homeowners love the clean, smooth look and functional design of a skirted toilet. Skirted toilets tend to be anywhere from a little more to a lot more expensive than traditional exposed trap toilets, but they save a lot of heartache and frustration for anyone who has to regularly dust and clean around these toilets. And they just look nicer.

You know who doesn't love skirted toilets? Plumbers.

Plumbers are not a fan of skirted toilets for a number of reasons, basically all of which have to do with installation. Skirted toilets tend to be more labor intensive and time consuming to seat, bolt, and connect to water. (If you've never installed one before, it's the "try to dust around the exposed trap" equivalent of installation: heartache-y and frustrating.)

For plumbers who have gotten really good at "seating" the skirted toilets on their Unifit "boot" (rough-ins), there's still the maddening possibility that whoever originally installed the angle stop stub out didn't account for the additional space that skirted toilets tend to take up. Depending on the location, trying to connect the angle stop to the toilet can be anywhere from frustrating to impossible. The "impossible" cases (that is, there's simply not enough room) leave the plumber with two options: 1) telling the homeowner they have to take their beautiful, stylish skirted toilet back to the store, or 2) moving the angle stop. (The plumber might as well flip a coin at this point, because both options are terrible.)

So why am I telling you this sad story about plumbers? You know it's because I have a solution. Enter dahl Skirted Toilet Kits.

Because dahl product designers are geniuses, they came up with an elegant, simple solution for tight angle stop installation. Take a look at the picture in the flyer linked above to see how this works. No more toilet returns, no more angle stop moving, no more upset clients (at least not for this reason). Quite simply, if you tell your plumber customers about these angle stops, they will be your best friend. (And you'll be mine too, because you'll sell a truckload of these skirted toilet kits.)

Apply what you learned: According to the flyer linked above, what is the model number for the dahl Skirted Toilet Kit with copper compression inlet?

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