NEW SmartActive Hand Showers| Remember when we highlighted GROHE's super innovative SmartActive 2-in-1 shower head in last month's newsletter? Well, not to brag, but our timing was perfect because GROHE just released gorgeous hand showers for the collection that are open-to-order and open-to-ship. Read all about them in the materials below.

Your Everyday Toilet | Are you looking for a "go-to" toilet? One that checks all the performance boxes, fits in with any style, and will make your customer very happy? Well, we have a couple for you: you can't go wrong with either the Cadet Pro or the Vormax HET/HEU for your everyday standby (+1 on the Vormax if your client wants an extra sturdy seat or a 1.0 GPF option). Check out the deets here.



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Grohe September Product Launch

> Essence Spa Finishes: Brochure & Price Pages
> Ladylux L2: Presentation & Price Pages
> GROHE Blue Chilled & Sparkling: Brochure & Price Pages
> GrohTherm Two-Handle Therm: Presentation & Price Pages
> Rainshower 310 Mono: Presentation & Price Pages
> GROHE Plus Bath Collection: Presentation & Price Pages
> California-Compliant Diverters: Presentation & Price Pages
> September Launch Price File

American Standard September Product Launch

> Studio S Kitchen Faucets: Brochure & Price Pages
> Town Square S Additions: Brochure & Price Pages
> Spectra Versa Shower System: Presentation & Price Pages
> Ultima Diagphragm Flush Valve: Brochure & Price Pages
> Colony 1-Piece Toilet: Presentation & Price Pages
> September Launch Price File

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