GROHE Game-Changer: Rapido SmartBox | The GROHE Rapido SmartBox offers features that perfectly exemplify what we mean by "product differentiators." As you know, the SmartBox is the rough-in valve for the SmartControl and allows the operation of up to three shower outlets from a single valve. All outlets can run at the same time and this shower design will still be Cal-Green compliant when the included flow restrictor is installed. The valve is thermostatic and each outlet can be volume controlled for optimal user comfort and convenience, which as far as we know is completely unique to this product. The SmartControl trim plate is stunning, minimalistic, and available square (chrome and moon white) or round (chrome, brushed nickel, and moon white). We've also heard that new finishes and new styles will be released for the SmartBox in September – so we're pretty jazzed.

Anyway, there you have it – SmartBox is not the cheapest shower valve solution, but we believe it is the best. Learn more from the brochure and/or watch Gray Uhl's famous Top 5 video.



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