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Busy, busy here.

I hope you are too, but if you aren't busy, please email me a couple of spare hours – I could use them. (Feel free to email me a few extra POs while you're at it. Couldn't hurt.)

Anyway, I've been so busy these days, I forgot to do a Tom's Tech Tip on the 2-Handle GrohTherm, even though we introduced these to you almost a year ago! That's a pretty big faux pas (that's of course French for a "whoopsies").So this tech tip is a little late. It's still faster than they were back in the day when we used to get tech tips by covered wagon. Sometimes, for a really "hot" tech tip, they'd come by Blimp. Now we have the Interwebs, and we're still almost a year late... (whoopsies!)

But here it is at last. So you've been selling a lot of the GROHE push-button SmartControl because of the fantastic features and design flexibility. Available with around or square plate, 1, 2, or 3 functions, and six finishes (six!), SmartControl also offers precise volume and temperature control and is CALGreen and ADA compliant. It's quite a shower valve.

But some customers find the GROHE push-button SmartControl to be a little more expensive than they've budgeted for. This is where 2-Handle GrohTherm really shines. The SmartControl rough-in, the 35601 Rapido (rahPEEdough) SmartBox, also just happens to be the rough for the 2-Handle GrohTherm trims. And so it just so happens to offer a similar feature set and design flexibility: 1 or 2-function thermostat valve, multiple round or square trim plate options, Starlight Chrome or Brushed Nickel finishes, CALGreen compliant and ADA compliant handle options, and precise temperature and volume control – at a more modest price-point than the SmartControl.

They're also incredibly nice-looking trims, and I'm not just saying that because my marketing director said I had to stay "on theme." Just check them out here in the brochure.

And finally, your plumber customers will be happy to know that they're easy-to-install too, with pre-installed service stops and a wide adjustment range, just in case the 35601 Rapido wasn't installed perfectly level.

So how easy is "easy to install"? Let's take a hypothetical, not-at-all-real story: Your customer Pat the Plumber has sent her apprentice Billy to install the Grohe 35601 Rapido SmartBox in her client's house. All he needs to do is read the instructions and install. Simple! Well, Billy the Apprentice, didn't get the 35601 Rapido SmartBox exactly level last week (whoopsies!), and now Pat is on the job site to install the new 24111EN0 GrohTherm square trim. The tile is square and level, the shower door is square and level – so of course Pat needs to make sure that the shower trim is also square and level. But Pat isn't mad (just disappointed) because there's an easy fix.

Read all about it and the other fantastic features of the gorgeous 2-Handle GrohTherm collection in the presentation below:

Thanks, Tom S

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