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Do you know about Americast? Depending on your answer, my reply is either "Well, you should!" or "Darn straight you do! It's nifty." Either way, I'll teach/remind you about the wonder that is this technology.

Essentially, Americast is American Standard's answer to the universal question, "For the love of Pete, how do I get this cast iron tub up to the third floor?"

Let me explain: I've been an admirer of Americast since well before we joined the American Standard team. It's advantages over the traditional cast iron tub are so clear, my feelings about trying to sell against Americast could basically be summed up as, "Dammit." Our best hope was that it just wouldn't come up in conversation. But, hot puppies, now we're a lucky part of the family, so let's talk Americast.

So what is this wündertüb? Americast tubs are engineered with a unique and proprietary three-layered design, which offer at least five advantages (but probably more) over cast iron. For instance:

  1. Much lighter: Americast tubs weigh about 110 pounds. If you suggest this to your plumber as a proper alternative to a 316-pound cast iron tub, keep the tissues handy, because he may cry tears of joy.
  2. Consistent structural integrity: The Americast reinforced material (what material? proprietary material, that's what) is easier to mold and bond with the metal layer, creating more consistent, stronger layers.
  3. Better sound dampening qualities: The Americast materials have insulating properties, which help deaden the sounds of bathing and running water.
  4. Better heat retention: cast iron conducts and, therefore, absorbs a lot of heat. Americast does not.
  5. Protection against impact damage: Americast's backing material is less rigid than cast iron, allowing it to absorb more impact and reduce damage.

Anyway, I'm a fan and you should be too. If you want to read more, you can check out our (shameless branding plug) 10-Minute "Expert" (American Standard Edition) training brochure and skip to the section on Americast, or you can check out this link on American Standard's website.

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