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The more I've learned about American Standard over the last 8 months or so, the more they've impressed me. For instance, their flushing systems. Do you want to talk flushing systems? Let's.

Even though they're all spectacular (naturally), the American Standard flushing systems can be thought of in terms of (you guessed it) Good, Better, Best – Cadet Pro, Champion Pro, and Vormax respectively. There's also the Colony flushing system, which is perfectly fine, but a) they're not intended for sale in premium showrooms, b) they're not really pretty enough for residential installations, and c) it doesn't fit neatly into the "Good, Better, Best" rule of threes.So for our purposes I'm going to pretend like it doesn't exist.

One thing all three American Standard flushing systems have in common is that they offer a 1000g MaP score (overachievers) and EverClean glazing. With Cadet Pro as your base model, you can consider each subsequent flushing system to be those base features + [upgrades]. So here they are:

Cadet Pro: Good
> 1000g MaP Score
> EverClean Glazing
> 3" flapper system
> 2" 1/8" siphon outlet
> Five-year warranty on parts (except LXP toilets, which offer a 10-year on parts); lifetime on china

Champion Pro: Better
> 1000g MaP Score
> EverClean Glazing
But also with:
> 4" flapper system
> 2 3/8" siphon outlet
> 10-year warranty on parts; lifetime on china

Vormax: Best
> 1000g MaP Score
> EverClean Glazing
But also with:
> Flapper system: dual-injection valves
> 2 1/16" siphon outlet
> 10-year warranty on parts; lifetime on china
> 1.0 GPF option on some models
> Independently tested to flush 2 x cleaner than competitors

By the way, as an added bonus, not only is it easier to pronounce than CeFiOnTect, American Standard's EverClean glazing can also be found on the entire surface of their toilets – not just the interior of the bowl.

So if I can sum it up – American Standard offers features and flushing systems equal to or even superior to competitors (cough, cough). Like I said: color me impressed. If you want to see our favorite American Standard toilets in one tidy little brochure, check out our American Standard Premium Toilets brochure.

Thanks, Tom S



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