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Walk-In Tubs: Not just for Grandma anymore!

When we started working with American Standard (almost) 3 years ago, I was surprised to see their emphasis on Walk-In Tubs. I was aware that they existed - but had no idea just how popular they were. Then the phone calls started coming in, and I figured that I'd better learn something about them.

Walk-in tubs are a fantastic addition to any bathroom designed for living-in-place, because they can accommodate adults of all ages and mobilities. American Standard offers 625 different model walk-in tubs (no, really!): different sizes, different materials, soakers, air systems, whirlpools, combo systems, different feature sets, built-in fillers, left or right-hand drain, color, etc, etc, etc. Of course, different people and different installations have different needs. With 625 models, we're likely to be able to meet those needs.

But there's one feature that I personally believe needs to be specified on every walk-in tub – the patented Quick Drain™. So naturally you'll want to know a few things: What is the Quick Drain, what does it do, and why do my walk-in tub customers need it?

Picture in your mind, say, an older person – Mom, Grandpa, Auntie Mabel, Tom from Western Sales – anyone! They take off their clothes (you don't have to "picture" this), close the tub door, sit down, and turn on the built-in tub filler. The built-in fillers can fill the tub quickly, in as fast as 5minutes – which is a nice feature (don't forget that you're sitting in a tub with no clothes on - it might be chilly).

The bather enjoys their bath, using whichever water therapies they choose, and then they're ready to get out. But the tub door won't just open, because the tub is full of 60+ gallons of water. (Don't forget that you're sitting in a tub wet with no clothes on - it WILL get chilly.)

The key is to get the tub empty – as soon as possible – so you can open the door and step out. A simple concept! When you're helping the customer pick out a walk-in tub, make sure to choose a model with the Quick Drain feature, which can empty the tub in a few minutes. Your customers will thank you – warmly.

You can learnÊmore about walk-in tubs and Quick Drain below:

Thanks, Tom S

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