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One of my favorite lines to talk about is Geberit, because in-wall carriers still have an air of mystique for some people and they might be a little hesitant to spec them. In my humble opinion, this is a shame. (A shame, I say!) There are so many good reasons to use an in-wall carrier. I double dare you to call me up some time, and I'll give you an earful.

This month, I want to show you a way you can become the best friend of your contractor customer Jim (or whoever). Are you ready? You can show him a fool-proof formula for bowl-height installation on an in-wall carrier. (Customizable bowl-installation height is just one of the many, many advantages of an in-wall carrier.)

Inevitably, Jim will call you from the jobsite and say, "Uh, how do I know how high to install the bowl? You're so smart, I know you'll know the answer."

Of course you are. And of course you do! You have this handy document:

> Geberit Bowl Height Guide

If I were you, I would just forward the document on to your contractor when he calls. He is the one who will have all of the relevant info and measurements he'll need to correctly set the bowl. But it also makes sense for you to understand the concept. Take a thorough look and you'll be able to answer this question:

Apply what you learned: Check out the example provided in the document. If all other parameters stay the same, how high does the plumber need to set the Geberit bolts if the homeowner wants the bowl to be installed at 16" instead of 17"?

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