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You think that I write these Tech Tips for you?! Nope. They’re for my amusement. (Actually, a plumber from San Jose did laugh at one of my "quips" once but he quickly got over it.)

Anyway, every once in a while we have topic that is a real "doozy" – that's French for "important" – and is more than just an excuse to talk about my favorite plumbing products and make quips. This month’s Tom’s Tech Tip is just such a "doozy": It’s a real BFD (Big Flushing Deal)!

Remember pre-Pandemic? Neither do I. But I could mark it on my calendar by asking "What day did my phone start ringing every 5 minutes with somebody asking for hands-free products?”

Being the American Standard Rep, I had an easy answer with hands-free faucets and flush valves: “Sure, we’ve got America’s best line-up!” But the answer with hands-free, tank-type toilets wasn’t so good. American Standard had just discontinued our previous hands-free, tank-type toilet in November 2019. (In retrospect, the timing could have been better...)

We begged American Standard for a replacement. They asked “Do you want it fast or do you want it to work?!” We replied “Yes!!”

So they did.

On November 16, we sent out emails to our distributors announcing the new Cadet® Touchless toilets with an anticipated shipping date in mid-December (yep, that’s this month!). Every distributor placed a stock order immediately. The demand for this product has been stunning. That’s why this is a BFD!

The new Cadet® Touchless toilets offer the world-famous Cadet flushing engine, a 1000g MaP score, Everclean antimicrobial glazing on the entire surface of the toilet, and are available with your choice of exposed or concealed trap. The flush is activated when the user "waves" at the remote puck that can be securely wall-mounted on the wall above the tank, or even mounted to the tank itself! Here are all of the details:

See? Tech Tips aren't just for bad quips.

Thanks, Tom S

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