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This is a tough one, and will take a couple of minutes. If you sell in-wall tank carriers (or would if you knew which carrier to use), it will be well worth your time and might save you a lot of hassle in the future.

So back in the "good ol' days," Geberit had the perfect lineup of in-wall carriers:

Life was good, and choosing a carrier was simple! All "euro-standard" 2-bolt bowls were basically compatible will all models of Geberit carriers. They all flushed with a dual actuator (1.6 GPF large, and 0.8 GPF small) to meet the California-mandated 1.28 GPF average. Geberit also helpfully provided a compatibility chart for each carrier model (which you can find on the second page of the Clean Design brochure).

However, in 2016 some fixture manufacturers started producing bowls that could flush on as little as 1.28 GPF large and 0.8 GPF small (averaging 1.0 GPF), and Geberit starting offering a new lineup of compatible lower flush volume carriers to work with these new bowls. In addition to the original models above, we added:

You can still use the original Geberit carriers on these new lower flush volume bowls (it will still flush 1.6/0.8 GPF, of course), but you cannot use the new lower flush volume Geberit carriers on a bowl that requires 1.6 GPF large, and 0.8 GPF small! No one will be happy.

But here's some good news. With the new lower flush volumes came additional options (in California). Because of the CalGreen 1.28 GPF (average) requirement, we always had to use a dual-flush actuator on the original higher flush volume carriers. Now with the lower flush volume carriers and a compatible bowl, we could start using single flush button actuators. Yowza!

Anyway, that's the scoop!

Thanks, Tom S

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