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Who doesn't like a nice, relaxing set of jets in their bath? Whirlpools give your clients the option for a massage that can't be found in a soaker-only tub. It's a win-win: a little more luxury for your client and a bigger sale for you.

There is one thing to be aware of, however: I highly recommend that your client's whirlpool includes a cleaning system. Why? I call it the "ew" factor.

Any bath that is used frequently needs regular cleaning, of course. Soap, mildew, dirt, dust, and bacteria can build up quickly, so you grab a sponge or cloth and your favorite cleaning product and scrub away. Not exactly my fave chore, but it's easy enough, right? However, baths with jets can complicate things.

The inner-workings of a whirlpool system entail pipes or tubes that allow the water to travel to the jets. Remember all that soap and dirt and stuff? The bath water can carry all of that stuff through the jets and tubes – and unlike the sides of the tub, the tubes can't be scrubbed. (Ew.) And with all that hot water and warm air, it's almost like perfect laboratory conditions for bacteria. (Double ew!)

Your client will be so much happier with an effective cleaning system

Now which manufacturer do I know that offers a cleaning system for their whirlpools? Hmm. HMM.

MTI, of course! In fact they offer two (Simple Touch® and Fill-Flush®), both of which are the best on the market (naturally), cleaning the internal whirlpool works in less than five minutes and 10 gallons of water. Goodbye dirt, goodbye ew factor. Read more here.

Question: According to the link above, what additional feature does the Simple Touch offer that simplifies the cleaning process over the Fill-Flush system?

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