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MTI is one of my favorite product lines!

For years, they have been one of America's top tub makers, using Acrylic, Mineral Composite, and SculptureStone materials in hundreds of shapes and sizes. These tubs are available as soakers, air systems, whirlpools, Stream Bath, and microbubble therapies - as well as combination options.

As MTI has grown, they've realized that their proprietary, durable, solid throughout, gorgeous SculptureStone had uses beyond making the world's best bathtub, and started offering Counter-Sinks made with this same material. Counter-Sinks seamlessly integrate the sink bowl(s) with the counter top to provide a clean, elegant fixture.

Counter-Sinks are made to order: to fit the exact needs of the project, including customization of length, width, height, bowl style/size, bowl placement, wall or vanity-mount, faucet hole location, overflow options, etc. Again, hundreds of models with infinite possibilities – everything youÕd need to provide the perfect bathroom sink for each job. But with the power to specify infinite options comes the need to be able to build these options - and to turn your customer's dreams into reality.

When we first started configuring MTI Counter-Sinks, we were using clay tablets to draw our ideas. These were soon replaced by crayons and paper, and eventually to using an Etch-a-Sketchª – but each method had its drawbacks (shipping an Etch-a-Sketch to the factory in Georgia would make the lines a bit blurry).

So what finally turned out to be the best way to configure MTI Counter-Sinks? Of course: the MTI Configurator!

The Configurator will walk you through the process, step-by-step, making it easy to specify the perfect Counter-Sink for your customer. Once you've entered all of the options, you'll have a dimensioned drawing with list pricing. You can even save the drawing for future access (unlike an Etch-a-Sketch), and when you're ready to order, you can send in the drawing to ensure that you get exactly what you need.

Thanks, Tom S

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