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Maybe once or twice (or 1.37 bazillion times), I've gotten a call from a customer or homeowner about a "leaking" fill valve, or a fill valve that won't shut off. A few things can cause this, but often it's caused by debris caught in the fill valve, preventing it from closing all the way. You've probably gotten the same phone call a time or two? 

As an aside, I can't help but mention that the debris doesn't come as a "standard feature" from the manufacturer – debris is usually caused by poor water quality or during installation. In other words, it's generally not a warranty matter – but I'm not known as "Mr. Nice Guy" for no reason, so I'm here to help.

As a bonus, if your homeowner customer seems even the slightest bit handy, they'll love this project. So let's learn some fill valve leak solutions.

Most American Standard toilets come with a Fluidmaster brand fill valve. Fluidmaster just happens to have a video that addresses this exact issue, so if your customer is calling about an American Standard toilet, you're in luck. 

Here's the video. I'll wait while you give it a watch. [Cue Jeopardy theme music.]

All finished? Good. Easy, right? If you want further instructions, you can also download the Fluidmaster written instructions. Now you have some handy tools to forward on to any customers with a leaking fill valve.

Tom S ("Mr. Nice Guy")

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