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GROHE Blue 2.0

I’ve always been a sparkling water guy. For years, I’d make the weekly trek to Trader Joe's to buy the case of Pelegrino water, carry it up three flights of stairs, and during the week, take the empty bottles down to the recycle bin. Fun times.

So you can imagine my delight when GROHE first introduced GROHE Blue Chilled & Sparkling. If you're familiar with this amazing faucet, you know it offers normal kitchen faucet functionality with tap  water for washing hands and dishes and additionally offers three choices of filtered and chilled drinking water: 1) still water, 2) medium sparkling water, and 3) full sparkling water.

I live in San Francisco and we have some of the best quality drinking water in the world – snow melt from the High Sierras – so the idea of drinking water shipped from Italy (however sparkly) was always a little awkward. I always felt guilty about the resources needed to get it to me...

Then in 2011, I was offered a Grohe Blue (version 1) "test model" for personal use. You know that I replied “Absolutely!” and installed it the day it showed up. It was the “German model,” with no english instructions or fittings for US piping, but I made it work. No more lugging cases of sparkling water for me!

Grohe Blue (version 1) wasn’t as “Grohe-like” as we expected. It occasionally needed more TLC than we’d hoped, more service, more babysitting. It was a new concept, after all. In my home, I’d have to occasionally unplug it to reset, and the bubbles weren’t always as "bubbly" as I liked. But it gave me 8 good years.

Anyway, as you know, Grohe Blue 2.0 was launched in September. It's now shipping and features many refinements over Version 1: more bubbles when you want them, much quieter, longer times between service and filter changes, a pull-out hose with magnetic docking, and improved, easy-to-use controls. In other words: more “Grohe-like." Back in October, I was again offered a test-model. Again, it was the “German model”, but this time has a 4-color digital panel in several languages (I’m partial to English) and set up was quick and easy.

It’s been as solid as a rock and it’s ready to be sold in showrooms. It's offered in Polished Chrome and Super Steel finishes in both a C and L-shapped spout. Oh, and the price has dropped by $1000 since I installed my Version 1...

Grohe Blue 2.0 is simple to operate and maintain, but requires a professional installation. We’ve worked with dozens of local plumbers on Grohe Blue over the years and can recommend somebody trained, if you need.

You can read more about the GROHE Blue 2.0 in the links below:

Tom S

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