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In the premium plumbing industry, we’re always talking about high quality products. The advantages, the value added, the engineering and machining that leads to good quality, the benefit of paying a little more now, so you save a lot in the future – buy right, buy once – that kind of thing. We at Western (as you know all too well) never get tired of bragging about the premium quality of our manufacturers’ products.

But you know what people never talk about? The disadvantages of premium quality. You might not think there are any disadvantages, but I can think of one just off the top of my head.

I’ll run a situation by you: Let’s say you’re working in the showroom or at the counter, minding your own business, and a customer (Bob) comes in off the street and says, “There’s something wrong with my shower faucet.”

Bob doesn’t know the model number, but you ask a few questions and figure out that it’s a Grohe pressure balance valve and he most likely needs a new cartridge. But then he mentions that he’s pretty sure the last time they remodeled was 1997 or 1998. Late 90s for sure.

How the heck are you supposed to know what cartridge he needs for a 20-year-old valve? Gosh darn it, Grohe, and your long lasting, premium quality valves. Didn’t I tell you there were disadvantages?

Well, luckily we have a tool to help you cope with the unfortunate side of premium quality. You guessed it: a handy pressure balance valve/cartridge reference guide!

Question: According to the Pressure Balance Valve Cartridge Table, what cartridge does Bob need for his shower faucet?

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