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As you know, Grohe offers a collection of kitchen faucets with Touch technology, including Minta Touch and Ladylux Cafe Touch. The Touch technology is a clean and convenient feature because it allows users to turn on their faucets by touching the spout or body of the faucet with the arm or wrist, rather than touching the handle with dirty hands.

So how does Touch technology work? I'm so glad you asked.

Touch faucets have two sources of water flow – one for traditional handle operation and one for Touch operation. The "Touch flow" water flows at a set temperature and volume: cold water only for basic Touch models and pre-mixed warm water for Touch models with Grohtherm Micro. To turn the Touch flow on or off, the user simply touches the spout of the faucet with his or her wrist, arm or elbow. Note: the Touch flow will turn itself off after 60 seconds if it is not turned off by the user.

Touch faucets also have traditional manual operation. Like all kitchen faucets, the user can turn the faucet on or off, adjust the water temperature, and change the volume with the handle. Please note, however, that the handle will not affect the volume or temperature of the Touch flow – manual flow and Touch flow come from two separate water supplies.

Apply what you learned: Your client wants to know how the new Ladylux Cafe Touch faucet works. How would you address their questions below?

a) "If I turn on the faucet by touching the spout with my arm, can I adjust the temperature with the handle?"
b) "What is the difference between the two models you were telling me about?" (I.e., the 30 205 and the 30 266)
c) If I turn on the faucet by touching the spout with my arm, will it keep running if I walk away and forget to turn it off?

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