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GrohFlex has been a marvelous success story for us so far: easy to stock, sell, service, and install. But bad things can happen to good installers: sometimes after installation, the rough-in box is too deep in the wall for the trim to fit. What to do?

Grohe offers two separate extension kits to solve this issue – one for the thermostatic trims (47 822 000), and a separate extension kit for PBV trims (47 823 000).

Sometimes though, the installation is so close, that you don't really need a complete extension kit, but rather just a screw extender. If this is the case in your installation, simply order the 4mm screw extender (02 807 is the part number for a pair). It's important to note that these screw extenders will only work with the thermostatic trims, NOT with the PBV trims! (There's a part on the PBV trim control module that keeps the screw extender from fitting.)

A plumber told me that he was able to buy longer 4mm x 60mm brass screws, at his local hardware store, to save the cost of the complete extension kit, but this solution only works if the screws aren't exposed, otherwise you risk a finish mismatch.

Apply what you learned: You sold Mr. Smith a GrohFlex rough-in box and 19 844 EN0 Authentic trim kit. His plumber calls later and says, "I need longer screws because the tile guy went too thick." What do you order for the plumber?



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