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One of the nice things about becoming an older member of the plumbing industry is being able to tell stories about the Good Ol' Days. People rarely want to listen to these stories , but this one is (eventually) worth a $5 Starbucks card, so consider reading along...

When I was a younger member of The Industry, I was asked to be part of the GROHE valve committee to help recognize trends and develop products for future shower mixers. I was flattered to be asked, and was told that it was due to my astute observation and technical prowess. A little known fact, but I invented "righty-tighty, lefty loosey," back in 1983. [Citation needed.] I know! You're stunned.

By 2013, it became apparent that CALGreen was more than a passing fad, and that we – GROHE – were going to need to come up with a long-term strategy for making a good shower possible, even with an ever-decreasing amount of water. The initial experiment of putting gravel into shower heads wasn't a success [seriously, citation needed], so the Showers Committee (not me, I'm Valves), decided to use flow restrictors instead. This was okay at 3.5 GPM, and even at 2.2 GPM.ÊBut at 2.0, and then 1.75,and even sometimes down to 1.5 GPM, things started to not work as well. The shower heads were (are!) actually pretty good, but the pressure balance shower valves were struggling to meet plumbing codes for temperature accuracy (ASSE1016, for the code-nerds in the audience).

Even if you're not on the Valves Committee, you can see how "not meeting code" is kind of a problem.

The old Tempress-made 35200-series valves couldn't meet it, so GROHE developed the 35015000. It was fine at 2.0 GPM but struggled at 1.75, so Grohe borrowed some technology from American Standard for the short-term, and by 2016, came up with the 35015001. This valve meets ASSE1016 at 1.5 GPM, but we're seeing those wacky water-savers at the California Energy Commission (CEC) starting to talk about even lower flow rates.

Something had to be done.

We on the Valve Committee came up with a list of requirements:

I'm sure you know where this is going: Introducing GrohSafe 3.0. It ticks all of the boxes. [No citation necessary.]

And there are a number of additional nifty features about the Grohsafe 3.0, including a metal trim plate/handle with concealed screws, Double Ceramic technology (spool and cartridge), and every connection type your installer needs.

Thanks, Tom S

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