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We truly believe in the unsurpassed quality and true design appeal of the Geberit in-wall carrier systems and actuators. As you may know, in-wall carrier systems and actuator plates are used in conjunction with wall-hung bowls to comprise a wall-hung residential toilet. The carrier serves as both a fixation system and tank for the wall-hung toilet bowl, and the actuator plate serves as a flush mechanism for the whole system.

Wall-hung toilets are an amazing design solution to many bathroom problems.What are the design advantages, you ask? Man, am I eager to share! With the tank in the wall, you save valuable space in a small bathroom. Move over, round-front toilets. For real door clearance, wall-hung toilets are the ticket. Another big advantage is how easy it is to clean the floor around the toilet when it's off the floor and hanging on the wall. And of course, from a pure aesthetic consideration

If you've never spec'd a wall-hung toilet for a client before, it's understandable if you're a little intimidated -- but there is no reason to fear. It's actually really easy. Check out the Geberit: Made Easy flyer in the Geberit section above. And if you have any questions or concerns about your project -- that's what your buddy Tom is here for.

Apply what you learned: According to their website, what in-wall carrier model should you specify for a 2" x 4" wall installation?



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