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LadyLux L2

In 1983, GROHE introduced two amazing concepts to the market:

1) They introduced Ladylux, a revolutionary new kitchen faucet that brought the pull-out spray head to the US.
2) They hired us to be their Northern California representative agency.

(We'll let you decide which concept was more important.)

Ladylux was an instant success – and was quickly copied by most (all?) other faucet manufacturers. Conceptually copied, but never equalled in quality or features. Ladylux has been updated in style, finish, and features over the decades, but GROHE let the list price drift slowly upward – making Ladylux more of an "aspirational" than an "accessible" price point.

Then in September of this year, as you know, GROHE re-introduced Ladylux L2 ÐÊwith new styling and features and, yes, a lower list price targeting mainstream consumers. The styling speaks for itself.

But how about the features? The updated Ladylux L2 is a complete collection with a main sink pull-down or pull-out, prep sink models, pot-fillers, and even a filtered tap for drinking and cooking water. It also boasts a host of new and legacy features, including magnetic docking, laminar stream, Speed Clean nozzles, a pause button, and the innovative new Blade Spray – perfect for cleaning recalcitrant stuck-on food – available on the three-spray models. There are even Touch and Foot control options.

I recently had the chance to use the new Ladylux L2 and I was very impressed by the new Blade Spray cleaning. I assumed that Blade used a higher-than-normal flow rate to achieve the cleaning power, but when I took the time to research, I found out that Blade spray uses less water than the 1.8 GPM allowed by CEC/CALGreen. Read more about the oh-so impressive Blade Spray and Ladylux L2 collection in the materials below:

> Ladylux L2 Presentation
> Ladylux L2 Price Pages

Thanks, Tom S


Ladylux "Classic"

Ladylux in the 90s

Ladylux L2

Blade Spray

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