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It was bound to happen…

I told the Lixil Valve Committee that sooner or later somebody would figure out the secret of the American Standard Flash Valve, Grohe GrohSafe 3.0, and the DXV PBV10…  They’re all the same valve! (Shhh.)

Well, maybe not exactly the same. They do come in different color boxes, with different labels. Oh, and the disposable (recyclable!) flush plug is a different color for each brand. But like we all learned from Sesame Street, what really matters is on the inside. And they all come with the (exact) same fantastic feature set and construction – easy to install, durable, and a delight to use.  They feature:

  1. A flush plug that allows the valve body to be tested and flushed without the cartridge
  2. A stainless steel retaining ring with flats that secures the flush plug and cartridge, eliminating the need for screws
  3. A flat back which allows the valve to be mounted flush against cross brace for easy and solid installation
  4. Every inlet connection type the installer needs, including universal, CPVC, PEX, stub-out, and 90° PEX elbows
  5. A DZR cast brass body that is durable, corrosion resistant and ideal for prolonged contact with water
  6. Back-to-back capability allowing hot and cold to be reversed quickly and easily
  7. An exclusive plaster guard that is designed to protect the valve and act as a guide during installation
  8. A wide rough-in range from 1-3/4" to 2-3/4" from finished wall to back of valve
  9. Service stops for easy servicing at the valve
  10. A wide useable "comfort range" for selecting the perfect temperature
  11. Trim cross-compatibility with the other LIXIL brands

Yes, you read that last one right and it's kind of a big deal. Then again, so are all the other 10 bullet points as well. You can read about each of these wündervalves below:

(But of course you really only need to click on any one of the links because they’re all the same valve, unless you’re looking for details on the flush plug color…)

So who spilled the beans about this? Well, a certain Sacramento showroom sold fixtures for a new house – a nice house in the foothills. The Master bath is using the fabulous DXV Belshire collection, the Kids and Guest baths were using Grohe Essence, and the pool room was using American Standard Studio S. When the plumber looked through the boxes to make sure to install the correct valve for each bath, he noticed that they were all the same valve. Assuming a mistake, he called the showroom to verify, who then called me to confirm – to which I replied, "SHHH! It's a secret."

Well, the valve's out of the bag (box?) now. So what does this mean to the showroom, the plumber, the distributor, the specifier, and the homeowner? It means flexibility in design, styles, finishes, price-points, and mind changes (as long as the mind changes to another LIXIL brand). It means that if you specify one of these new valves, you can’t go wrong - no matter what color the flush plug is.

Thanks, Tom S

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