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Alright, I'm just going to come out and say it: American Standard makes the world's best toilet seats. Specifically, I'm talking about the Luxury Seats (these are the ones you would want to sell to your client anyway). "That's a pretty bold claim," you might be thinking – but I'm a bold guy. I'll go a step further – the seat is a great reason to buy an American standard toilet and an American Standard toilet is a great reason to buy the seat. Kismet!

And if you don't believe me, you can trust Amber – she's so impressed by the Luxury Seats, that she featured them in her coveted "Amber's Fave Product of the Month" article in September.

I'll start by saying what an American Standard Luxury Seat is not, because most toilet seats are (broadly speaking) terrible: American Standard Luxury Seats are not wobbly, wiggly "flexible" seats that threaten to bend, break, or slide right under you every time you sit down. They're kind of like the opposite of that.

So which American Standard seats are the Luxury Seats? Here's a brochure with a handy list.

This brochure is handy, but it's actually missing a very important model. If your client is getting a Vormax (and they should), the Vormax seat is even better. How so? It doesn't just have an Ever-Tite hinge, it also has Ever-Tite bumpers on the under side of the seat. Ever-Tite bumpers fit down against the rim of the bowl just so to give it even more anti-shifting stability – as if the seat is giving the toilet rim a gentle hug. In other words, the Vormax seat is a good reason to buy a Vormax toilet and the Vormax toilet is a good reason to buy the Vormax seat.

Thanks, Tom S

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