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Steamist offers a spa feature in their Total Sense collection called ShowerSense. What is ShowerSense, you ask? As the name suggests, ShowerSense is an electronic shower valve that allows you to control your shower outlets from your Total Sense steam control. There are a number of advantages to this system if your client is already planning on using steam in his or her shower -- or it might even be the feature that closes the steam sale!

One of the biggest advantages is that there is no need for an additional shower valve and trim. The ShowerSense valve can be installed anywhere in a serviceable location, close to the shower outlets. With this system, the plumber doesn't have to worry about rough-in depth or extensions or working around the tile setter. Additionally, there is less hardware on the walls for a cleaner look.

ShowerSense can control up to three shower outlet options (shower head, hand shower, body sprays, for example). These outlets cannot run simultaneously, so ShowerSense is CalGreen compliant if the shower heads flow 2.0 GPM or less. (ShowerSense does not come with shower heads, so your clients can choose any design they want from another manufacturer.)

All TotalSense spa options, including ShowerSense, work only with the Total Sense generator and controls, but they can be ordered individually or none at all, according the the features your client desires.

Apply what you learned: Now that Steamist has introduced ShowerSense, how many "Sense" spa options does the Total Sense collection offer and what do they do? (You can find the answer on their website.)

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