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Like other German manufacturers – such as Mercedes, BMW, and Wüsthof – Grohe is known for the skilled engineering and enduring quality of the brand. Even after years of use, with proper care, these products perform as if they were new. One of the features that allows Grohe faucets to maintain their excellent functionality is the ceramic cartridge technology, SilkMove™.

SilkMove refers to the technology featured in every Grohe faucet and valve that makes it to turn on/off and adjust temperature smoothly for decades. What makes this technology special, you ask? You know I’m going to tell you: Unlike most faucet manufactures, Grohe produces their own ceramic cartridges, allowing them to maintain the highest standard of quality and the faucets to maintain smooth operation even after over 20 years of use.

But you don't have to take my word for it – independent testing done by German's TÜV SÜD comparing industry cartridges revealed that Grohe's are superior. To learn more, check out the SilkMove page on Grohe’s website.

Apply what you learned: According to the article and video on the website, what are Grohe's glass-smooth SilkMove cartridges coated with for friction-free performance?



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