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Which DXV "super slim" thermostatic valve?

These are truly pieces of art. Functional art. And who doesn't appreciate great function with their art...

The distinctively-styled, beautiful, extremely low-profile trims are available as two- or three-handle versions in three different popular DXV collections: Modulus, Percy, and Fitzgerald. Depending on the collection, they're available in polished chrome, brushed nickel, platinum nickel, and matte black finishes.If that isn't exciting enough, the valves are also available with either a shared diverter – for our friends in Reno – or with a CEC & CALGreen-compliant non-shared/discrete diverter.

The decision to use a two-handle or three-handle trim depends on the functions needed and the rough in-wall valve used. They're available with 1/2" inlets for the two-handle valves or higher flow-rate 3/4" inlets (that you'd use to fill a tub, for example) for the three-handle valves.

So you can probably tell from reading all of that – while they're beautiful, figuring out which valve and trim to use for your shower design can a little tricky. But your best buddy Tom is here to help.

The other day, a showroom salesperson "May" called with questions about which DXV super slim valves to use with which trims in order to provide all of the functions (and art!) that her client wants Ð all while meeting CALGreen and CEC requirements. May's client likes the look of the DXV super-slim thermostat so much that she wants to use them in all three bathrooms in her new house (spectacular choice, if I may say): traditionally-styled Fitzgerald in the guest shower, contemporary Percy in the 2nd shower, and mid-century modern Modulus in her own master bath.

The guest shower is easy-ish. May's customer wants to have a shower head plus a hand shower in platinum nickel finish. So which valve and trim are needed for this application? May already knows she needs the two (discreet) function D35005522 valve and the two-handle trim in platinum nickel D35160527.150. If you check out this diagram, you'll see that May is absolutely correct.

The 2nd shower also isn't too difficult to figure out. May's customer wants to add a rain shower to the shower head and hand shower in polished chrome. This time, May knows to use the three (discreet) function D35005523 valve with the two handle trim in polished chrome D35105527.100. Again, you can verify May's work with the diagram. (Note that the same two-handle trim can be used for the one-, two-, or three-function two handle valves.)

It's the master tub-shower that has May puzzled. (If she had the handy diagram, it would have been a lot easier – but I hadnÕt made it yet.) Anyway, the customer wants a rain shower, a hand shower set, and tub spout with the Modulus collection in matte black – yes, functional art. Looking at the Modulus section of the DXV Price List, May sees two different ways that this can be done – but May has also sold a large tub that will need to be filled fast. Which valve and trim should she specify?

> So here it is one more time: the handy "super slim" DXV valve diagram

Thanks, Tom S

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