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You might recall from last month's newsletter (the contents of which I assume you memorized) the launch of Grohe's beautiful, luxurious Rainshower 310 SmartActive. What makes this shower head so special? So many things.

To start with, it's effectively two shower heads in one stunning package. The PureRain shower features the relaxation and enjoyment of a true rain shower; the second shower (ActiveRain) offers strong enough pressure to easily wash the shampoo out of your hair. Zowie!

"Hang on," you might ask, "How is this different from a multi-pattern shower head?" To that I say, IT'S COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, STOP ASKING RIDICULOUS QUESTIONS.

Ahem. In all seriousness, it actually is different. There are in fact two separate shower heads built into one – separate supply lines and everything. And what this unique design accomplishes is a true rain shower (and additional powerful, shampoo-washing shower), not just a rain shower-imitating pattern on a regular shower head.

"Ok, that sounds amazing," you might astutely observe, "but that seems complicated to plumb. How is it installed and is it CEC Compliant?" Excellent, excellent questions.

To start with, each shower head flows at a CEC-compliant 1.75 GPM, so that's a good start. The SmartActive shower head comes with a rough-in box (that needs to be installed while the wall is open), and can be fed by any of the following dual-function shower valve choices:

For some installation examples, check out the SmartActive sell sheet. Oh, there are also the smart ways to do it, which I have personally authored. As you can see, the SmartWay Option 1 uses a GrohFlex with discrete functionality, whereas SmartWay Option 2 with the SmartControl allows the user to either run either shower head individually or both shower heads at the same time at a total of 1.75 GPM.

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