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Last month, we highlighted the SmartControl in the Grohe November Launch preview. But I’m not done talking about it – not by a long shot. In particular, I would like to highlight three incredible design improvements over other industry versions of the product category: 1) volume control, 2) low-profile trim, and 3) three-function option. Paradigm shifts!

But first an overview, in case you missed it in our previous newsletter. The SmartControl is the best, most functional multi-outlet, optional-CalGreen compliant shower valve in the world. It’s absolutely true. From a single valve, you can design a one-, two-, or three-outlet shower, giving you and your client the breathtakingly minimalistic design you’ve always been looking for.

And no need to worry about California’s numerous and complicated environmental building codes. Each trim is shipped with an optional flow-restrictor that will keep your design nice and CEC Compliant at a maximum flow of 1.8 GPM.

What about style? The trims are gorgeous! And you have your options to choose from. Two, to be exact: square and round. The square trim is available in polished chrome and moon white, and the round trim is available in polished chrome, moon white, and brushed nickel.

Now for those three design advantages. There are of course other design advantages as well (check out those inlets in the valve bottom), but these three are the biggies, in my opinion.

1) Volume Control To date, I believe Grohe’s is the only smart control that offers more than just on/off functionality. Why is this so important? How thrilled would you be with Spotify if it were either off or full volume? How about a car that is either full-throttle, or stopped? Not good. If you’re giving your little puppy a bath, he’ll appreciate some volume control.

2) Low-Profile Trim I liked the GrohFlex quite a bit, but it’s not exactly the most low-profile shower trim. Other industry models suffer from the same malady. The new SmartControl is the lowest profile multi-outlet trim I’ve seen so far.

3) Three-Function Option As far as I know, other industry versions of smart controls only offer one- or two-outlet options. But last I looked, this is America and we like our options, darn it!

Well, there you have it. If you want to learn more about this new Wunder Valve, you can read more in this presentation right here. Or feel free to call me for a chat and I’ll give you an earful.

Apply What You've Learned: According to the presentation linked above, how far does the SmartControl trim stick out from the finished wall..

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