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Today we're going to talk Service Stops on SmartControl - Differences & Challenges. Grabby subject, right? With this baby, I'm hoping Standford University will make me an adjunct professor.

Anyway, let's get started with some service stop context.

All multi-family housing, and many single-family installations, require a way to isolate a plumbing fitting from the rest of the building's water delivery system so the fitting can be repaired without needing to turn off the water to the entire building. For instance, most faucets are installed with angle stops, which allow the hot/cold water to be turned off before it goes into the faucet. This way, the cartridge could be changed without turning off the shower, etc. Many shower valves also include separate hot & cold isolation valves, that are accessible under the trim escutcheon. These are called "service stops" or "stop valves." Or – amongst the plumbing cognoscenti – simply called "stops."

In many parts of the world, each bathroom has separate hot and cold "master stop valves" that turn off the water to the entire bathroom – eliminating the need for each fitting to have its own angle-stops or service stops. Pretty clever, right? But yeah, we don't have that here. In California, we use separate stops for each fitting.

For the American markets, Grohe has always offered versions of their shower valves with stops, and the SmartBox is no exception. And by no exception, I mean there are a couple of exceptions. You, as a card-carrying Grohe expert, need to know them:

Remember last month's tech tip (SmartControl Installation Tips Vol 1)? There's a theme here with SmartControl and tips to the installer:RTFM, or Read the "Fascinating" Manual.

thanks, Tom S

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