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American Standard Spectra Versa

Who here remembers when GROHE introduced the first retro fit shower system back in June 2012? Raise your hands… okay, about 47 people of you remember way back then. GROHE (rather cleverly) named the shower system the Retro-Fit. Catchy name! 

The Retro-Fit introduced the concept of converting an existing in-wall shower into an exposed shower with hand shower bar. For some (me included) it was a mind-blowing concept. Without opening the wall, a customer could change their existing shower head into a rain shower with hand shower – in only a few short hours – with the help of a competent plumber or handy-person.

GROHE was quickly copied by several manufactures, including Kohler, Hansgrohe, Moen, and others. Copied but never equaled (natch).

American Standard didn’t jump into the retro fit shower system market at the time. They made a conscious decision to enter this market when they could add measurable value. So instead of "us too!", the new American Standard Spectra Versa Shower System (maybe not quite as "catchy") has refined the concept and made it approachable for everyone.

This system is so quick and easy to install, an average home-owner can change their existing "regular" shower to an exposed rain shower with hand shower – in 30 minutes or less –  without drilling into or opening the existing wall. Oh, and staying on theme with the newsletter, it's also available in a CALGreen/CEC version.

And with a very compelling price point, the Spectra Versa Shower System would have been an excellent holiday stocking-stuffer – if I’d only thought of it in November or December. But we know that starting now people will be coming to you for all of your excellent plumbing solutions, and you'll have big stockings to fill all year long.

You can read all about the Spectra Versa Shower System here.

Tom S

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