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Steam is the perfect addition to a shower, transforming it from a place to bathe into the health and wellness center for your home. By adding steam, aroma therapy, chroma therapy, and audio therapy, your shower will become a luxurious place to hang out. And make you healthier in the process!

Not all steam rooms are created equal, though. Steamist offers three distinct technologies to make (and keep!) the room the best possible temperature:

SteadySteam - Steamist has three separate heating elements in every Total Sense generator providing proportional heating control.  Proportional control means you get just the right amount of steam needed to heat the room. As the room warms, the heater output is gradually reduced until just the right amount of steam is delivered. Unlike most steam systems, where the heater is all fully ON or completely OFF, SteadySteam gives you just the right amount of Steam for a comfortable experience without overheating the room.

Two stage water inlet - As water is consumed in the steam generator, the cold replacement water enters a separate chamber in the tank, allowing it to preheat before it enters the main chamber of the tank. This two stage design produces a more uninterrupted SteadySteam. Without it, the cold water would stop the boiling for a few seconds, interrupting the flow of steam.

Dual Sensor Technology (Patent pending) – Controlling the temperature in a steam room is very hard to do because the controller is mounted against the cold wall and the steam head is best placed as far away from the person as possible.  That is, until Steamist revolutionized how the temperature in the steam room is sensed. The Steamist TSC-450 uses two temperature sensors, one sensor just under the surface of the control, and a second sensor behind the control. The second sensor (patent pending), is able to measure just how cold the wall is and with that information, it calculates the true room temperature.  A truly unique SteadySteam experience for the ultimate steam bath.

Here is a chart showing what happens if you have all of the great features working for you at the same time.

Question: What is the approximate Fahrenheit temperature spike of brand X on the chart linked above?

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