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By now, I'm hoping that you've had a chance to look at the new Studio S Collection from American Standard – otherwise, it means you skipped the beginning of the newsletter which I know you wouldn't do. So as you just read (ahem!), it's a complete contemporary collection of faucets and fixtures with styles, sizes, and finishes targeting the modern urban aesthetic. I'd put it in my apartment here in San Francisco in a heartbeat.

You might recall that the Studio S faucets collection was originally launched in 2019 and has been very popular with the specifier and design community. And then just a couple of short months ago, American Standard announced the Studio S fixtures (including toilets, vanities, and a free-standing tub) for a full-suite collection. Well, the phone calls and emails started coming in, but most of the questions were about the very sleek, very unique Studio S One-Piece Toilet:

All valid questions. And they don't call me "Helpful Tom" for no reason – I'll either find the answers or make them up, so here they are: "1000g (MaP Premium!)"; "Yes"; "It doesn't use electricity": "Yes, but no dB levels are available yet"; "It comes with a soft-close seat"; "Yes"; "Ask your Western rep"; "Magical unicorns"; and "Yes."

See? Helpful!

Anyway, like I said, these are all valid questions – but the last question was most intriguing to me. If any toilet should be installed with a hidden water supply – with nothing to distract from the clean, modern lines – the Studio S One-Piece is it!

So I first looked at the installation video. It definitely shows just how simple it is to install, but it didn't mention a concealed water supply. So then I took a look at the spec sheet. As you can see, the spec sheet shows an alternate water supply line location that works perfectly for a concealed water supply. Ah ha!

Thanks, Tom S

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