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Universal Design has become a popular trend in our industry. In public spaces or hospitality, Universal Design is hand in glove with ADA accessibility design and can be necessary to meet building codes. It can affect plumbing design in a number of ways, including toilet tank lever accessibility, faucet handle resistance, grab bar clearance, and dozens of other considerations. Universal Design can also be important in the home to ensure the comfort of all people living there, including for children, the elderly, those with limited mobility, and those who intend to age-in-place.

For shower design, there are a number of aspects to keep in mind in order to make the space as universally accessible as possible. The following is a general, but not complete, list of considerations for accessibility:

Apply what you learned: Your favorite designer customer Nancy says that she is designing a shower with Grohe products for a client who wants his home to be accessible as he gets older. Here is her current design. How can she make the shower design more universal? Provide as much detail as possible, including Grohe model numbers, when applicable.

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