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Almost 15 years ago, TOTO developed the “large jets instead of rim holes” bowl cleaning system with the Tornado technology (a.k.a, “Double Cyclone”). It was a really good idea. American Standard thought so too.

One advantage to being a later adopter is that you can “borrow” aspects of the original design and improve on it. You all know what a huge fan I’ve been of the TOTO Tornado toilets throughout the years, and that’s because they’re pretty neat. But I’ve been hearing about the performance of the American Standard version and it’s rather impressive.

American Standard’s emphasis on performance has resulted in a technology that not only has a 1000 gram MAP score at 1.28 GPF, but also cleans the heck out of the bowl – even better than TOTO or Kohler, according to testing and demonstrated in these videos. Not too shabby, Vormax.

“That may be all very well,” you say, “But what about sales protection for me, the independent showroom?” I’m so glad you brought that up. Did you know that American Standard offers a Vormax model that can’t be sold by big box stores and e-tailers? Let me say that again: there is a Vormax toilet (the Heritage) that can only be sold by independent showrooms, wholesalers, and plumbers. American Standard does really love you that much.

You can read more about Vormax here on the American Standard website.

Apply what you learned: According to the website, how much better does Vormax clean the bowl over a “conventional” toilet?

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