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You might not have noticed – because I tend to be shy about sharing my opinions and feelings – but the Vormax toilets are my favorite toilets in the world. They boast a 1000g MaP score (even the 1 gallon-per-flush UHET), are independently tested to clean the bowl two times better than competitors, and come standard with EverClean anti-microbial surface technology.

Oh, just as an aside, the Vormax seat also happens to be my favorite standard toilet seat in the world. It's soft-close, of course, and features EverClean surface technology – but mostly it's my favorite because the EverTight bumper system eliminates everyone's favorite problem: the side-to-side seat shift. (There's a home-owner phone call I would be thrilled to never take again.) Can you believe it? Life changing.

Anyway, American Standard just released some fantastic new trouble-shooting videos that reminded me of a part of the Vormax installation that gets missed from time-to-time by the more "casual" manual readers: "priming" the Vormax bowl. Check out the video:

> "Priming the Vormax Bowl" Trouble-Shooting Guide

As you can see from the video, priming the Vormax bowl is an important step to make sure the Vormax flush works to its full spectacular potential. (For those who can't access the video, you can also read about it in the installation manual, but the video is more interesting and explains a little more.)

So I guess my two main points would be 1) the Vormax is fantastic and everyone should have one, and 2) Don't forget to prime the bowl after installation.

Thanks, Tom S

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