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Every trade show I go to for TOTO – and I do mean every single one – I have several people walk up to me and say something like, “Is this where I can see one of those electronic toilet seats?” Although most people in the United States did not grow up with a bidet, Washlets are getting more press and more popular every day.

Some people understand the appeal right away. Other people are less comfortable with the idea at first. But they usually have two follow-up questions:

1) How much do they cost? (Sometimes followed by a little sticker shock.)
2) What’s the difference between the models?

But it’s not hard to explain the value. Washlets are full of amazing features including, but far from limited to, fully customizable bidet features, heated seats, and safe and automatic toilet sanitation. Ultimate luxury.

What can be a little more difficult is to explain is the difference between the Washlet models. There are so many features, it’s hard to remember which model comes with what set of features. Luckily, we have a comprehensive comparison guide that can come to the rescue (see the TOTO section of the newsletter to download).

It will probably be well worth the time to familiarizing yourself with these models. Not only is it a great add-on to your toilet sale, but Washlets have a tremendously high user satisfaction. After using one for a couple of weeks, whether they understood the appeal of the Washlet at first or not, the people I’ve talked to all come to agree on one thing: their Washlet is essential. I’ve seldom met someone who did not love their Washlet.

To see a current list of features, check out the latest Washlet brochure on our literature page.



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